Saturday, February 17, 2007

Project 26 - Closer

So this week my front wheels came in. They're the wrong offset. I spoke with Jim over at TrueDesign and we established that I had sent him 16x7's and he thought they were 16x6's. That puts them out 5/8". That's just enough to get them out past the lip of the fender by over a half inch. Oh well. So it's back off the car and back to TrueDesign. Jim said he had some 16x6 centers he could put in there instead of my centers. That's customer service. Like I always say: "it's not the problem that's a problem, it's how you handle the problem that's a problem." and this was no problem. Although it does cost time.

I also took out the gas tank. This will allow me to seam seal the new addition. Also, we'll have better access to shoot rocker schutz and paint.

Of course, the obligatory "Look, I'm in the car!" picture.

Next week, I'll try to get the rear bumper ready for paint, seam seal and schutz the front. I still have to fabricate some rear bumper braces and things. I also will need to fab up something for the evaporator in the front. I also need to prep around the windows and I have a few holes in the car that need to be filled. I know that sounds funny, but there were five holes under each mirror. The new mirrors will not cover two of them. Those will have to be filled. Also, the rocker panels each have two holes in them. I have no idea what for, but they need to be filled. I bought a hole saw today but it isn't working very well. I'll have to figure it out.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Project 25 - Move and Final Tasks before Painting

Moving day! OK. I've been remiss for a few weeks. But, in my defense, not a lot has been done really. The big news is that we consolidated all the toy cars and all the tools into an industrial space a couple of miles up the road from the house. Here's a couple pics of cars being moved.

Once we got everything in, it was like car heaven. Lots of project cars, lots of space, plenty of tools.

So what did I do? Well, the first thing I did was try to cut my arm off. Take a look at this. 10 staples. That's my inside left bicep. This little doozy took me out of commission for two weeks.
Finally back to work, we fiddled with the rear bumper until it was all together and lined up with the rear flares. I still need to DA down gel coat and do a little touch up. I might also lay a whole other layer to beef it up.

I also need to tinker around the opening for the exhaust.
Next, I cut out the front panel for the oil cooler duct from Patrick Motorsports.

I used ever cutting tool I had until I figured out that the sawzall was the ideal tool. The sawzall went through it like butter.
The panel was tack welded in, then filled in all the way around. It was a fiddly operation but it came out fine. Once I get schutz and paint on it, it'll look like it's always been there.

This is the inside view.
Here's a shot from today. We pulled the Pantera motor yesterday and Chris spent most of last week sanding the paint off of it. We also began trying to pull the Ferrari motor but it got hung up on the halfshafts. When I tried to pull the outer CV joint, I buggered the thread on one of the bolts. Chris said to use the 5/16"s hex head but that didn't make sense to me because it's a Ferrari. I used an 8mm and it hogged out the hole. How can that be? It looks original. Odd.
At any rate, we also pulled the glass and cleaned out the window opening. Slowly, we're working through the final tasks before paint. I need to start working a little faster. We need a good couple of weekends with the sun out to get the car to cure. If we can get that we, can paint them. BTW, Chris' craigslist 911 is also at about the same stage. My front wheels should also arrive this week so we can put both 911's back on the ground at the same time.