Monday, December 18, 2006

Project 24 - Getting there

Once more this week the process is not much to look at. It mainly consists of applying thin coats of putty and sanding them almost completely back off. This eliminates low spots and levels out the metal. At some point you can no longer tell what needs to be done so, you prime it. With a uniform coat of high build primer on it, the places that need attention pop out at you. We got as far as a coat of primer and some guide coat.

Here's the guide coat. It occured to me to leave it this way and get a license plate that says:KMPFWGN. You know, like a Panzer.

More next week. It's slow work and it's all by hand but this is what it takes. It's also why a show paint job costs $20,000 and Earl Scheib is only $299.95. Also, good paint costs more than the cheap stuff, but the main difference in cost is the prep labor.


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