Monday, December 18, 2006

Project 24 - Getting there

Once more this week the process is not much to look at. It mainly consists of applying thin coats of putty and sanding them almost completely back off. This eliminates low spots and levels out the metal. At some point you can no longer tell what needs to be done so, you prime it. With a uniform coat of high build primer on it, the places that need attention pop out at you. We got as far as a coat of primer and some guide coat.

Here's the guide coat. It occured to me to leave it this way and get a license plate that says:KMPFWGN. You know, like a Panzer.

More next week. It's slow work and it's all by hand but this is what it takes. It's also why a show paint job costs $20,000 and Earl Scheib is only $299.95. Also, good paint costs more than the cheap stuff, but the main difference in cost is the prep labor.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Project 23 - Finally with the welder. Oy.

It's been four months since the first part was removed from the car. It's come a long way.

This represents about five days of work. A lot of it was just pickup work after hours during the week but we got it done.

There were two nasty spots that needed repair.
The first was a particularly bad patch done to the rear of the car. We just cut it out and made a new one.

This picture shows it welded in and plasticed over. The original patch required about a half inch of plastic to make it smooth. Now it's little more than a skin coat.

Here's another shot.

And another.

The next spot was a little rust perforation in the lower part of the door jamb. It looks like it collected a bunch of mud and gunk above the jacking point and rotted it out from below. The jack tube was fine. The rust was concetrated in that little depression where the door jamb plate turns to the front of the car and sits on top of the rocker. The joint is covered with lead. You first have to melt that off.
I had to buy the door jamb and the rocker panel and use bits of both. Sorry the pictures aren't very good.

I think it was Chip Foose that said: "You don't have to be a good welder, you just have to be good with a grinder".

We also started putting a skin coat on it. I snapped the pic before we finished it. Also, it isn't finished. We're planning to do the whole car in primer Wednesday night. That'll be the first time since May that's it's been all one color.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Project 22

Finally, we got a welder. It's a 220v, 120a MIG welder from Harbor Freight. Yes, it has a 15% duty cycle at full output, but at 50 amps, which is what you need to weld sheet metal, it's 80%. We also bought the replacement warranty and a gas regulator. We're using ER-70S-6 wire in the .023 size with 25% Argon/75% CO2 backing gas. The -6 is good for contaminated metals like on your ancient nasty car.

Anyways, it worked like a champ and cost $300. View the results.

This allowed us to finally mount the last flare.

Sheesh. Now we can start to finish.