Sunday, November 19, 2006

Project 20 - One Rear Flare and Mucking Around with the Friggin' Wing

So as you might remember from one of the early installments, the rear wing has been the source of some consternation. After remounting it and shimming it. We decided it didn't fit very well. We then removed it, made some more shims and refitted it. It still didn't line up at all. To be precise, let me tell you what I mean. The top edge of the wing did not conform to the body. This means that we'd have to build it up and reshape it. But, the corners of the engine lid didn't match the corners of the car so they'd have to be built up and reshaped to match. The bottom edge of the decklid didn't match the car, nor did it conform to the slope of the rear turtledeck so that would have to be reformed also.

Now, it's not that GT-Racing makes junk. First off, Hank doesn't make this particular component himself, he gets it from someone. Secondly, if we just mounted this piece up and painted it, it would look just fine on a race car. However, this is a street car and we're a little on the anal side, so we had to do a little additional work.

Specifically, we decided we'd cut the wing off and mount it on the original steel decklid. So here you go. First, we separated the bottom piece from the top two pieces.

Next, we fitted it to the steel engine cover.

It took quite a bit of trimming and sanding but Chris basically just removed whatever touched the engine lid first, until it touched it everywhere.

We added the corner pieces back on and we'll have to blend all that in.

This is the state we left it in. It'll take a lot more work but it ought to come out fine.
While we were working on this, we also bonded the rear flare on and putty'd it up. It's nearly ready for paint.
Stay tuned to see how the wing turns out. Also, we'll be welding soon. Woohoo.


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