Saturday, November 11, 2006

Project 19 - Bonding the Front Flares - Part 1

OK. We're back. We're back after a three week hiatus. We're better now. Back to work!

First, we took the hammer and dolly to the edge of the fender. This is to sort of smooth out the underside of the completed fender and make for a little more mating surface.

The front fender and bumper assembly is all bolted together the way they'll be on the car.

Speedgrip is readied.

Then we glob on a big 'ol thick bead of it.

And another big one on the flares itself.

Then it's stuck on and the flares are screwed down with sheet metal screws.

A little later - actually the next morning - we took the screws out. Next, we ground down the metal and DA'd off that pretty gel coat finish. This is interesting. One of the things that a bunch of guys seem to use to judge the quality of their newly purchased fiberglass parts is how nice the gel coat finish is. Well, that's the first thing the body guy sands off when he gets it, so, uh, you might want to think about judging based on fit or something else. Maybe price.

After that, two coats of Evercoat Z grip.

One to build it up and get the metal even with the flare edge (which is also sanded down to meet the metal) and one to shape it.
The third coat is putty. It's smoother and is used to make a cleaner smoother surface.

Then you hand sand this down. We used autobody sandpaper with the sticky backs applied to a spongey sander thing that I bought at Home Depot to sand sheetrock. Most of the autobody products are designed to make surfaces straight. RSR's don't have too many straight surfaces so they aren't particularly well suited to sanding Porsche flares.
If you look really close at the picture above, you can see that a layer of z-grip was applied to outer edge of the flare all along the contour, all the way down the face of the bumper. This was then sanded to make a nice clean uniform edge that follows around the rim of the flare all the way to the ground in front. It should look nice.

This is the finished product. Next step is to put some 2k high-build primer on it.
Tomorrow, we'll tack down a little spot that didn't get bonded on the passenger side flare and do the same to it. We're also going to try and get one of the rear flares attached but the t-bar hole is proving to be irritating.


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