Saturday, September 30, 2006

Project 16 - Prepping and Priming

The Porsche was joined this week by a second car. This is the silver 911 from Criagslist in San Francisco. We've rescued it. It's a gorgeous car. It has 8" polished Fuchs on the back, sport seats and some sort of performance suspension - don't know what exactly. It needs a frame pull, but that shouldn't be too tough to accomplish. It's also jammed in reverse but my bet is that it's nothing more than a broken selector rod. But, this is the next project after the red one is finished.

OK. Three tasks today. Beef up the fiberglass bumpers, final strip the rest of the car and put primer on it.

Chris decided the edges of the GT-Racing bumper weren't thick enough to withstand street use. He also wanted to mildly reshape the edge of the opening, bringing it more vertical. So a lip was added on top of some foam. The foam was then cut out along with the original lip and the whole shebang got four more layers of cloth. The whole thing was DA'd down, then filled with putty and final smoothed.
I took the burliest, hairiest braided wire wheel I could find and using my 4 1/2" grinder, I ground out all the original body filler on the rear quarters. The mud was 1/2" thick. Chris then took a hammer and dolly to it and smoothed it out. It was final mudded with a light coating. This is the appropriate use of body filler and is fine by me. It's Evercoat Z-Grip in case you're wondering. The picture below shows the final product.

This is the other side.

I decided I'd sandblast the door jambs. I have a sandblaster that I bought from Harbor Freight. It's the pressurized canister type. The first time I used it a few weeks ago, the hose broke. I replaced the hose and then the sand i was using jammed it up. I was using PlaySand that was strained, but it didn't work. So this week I bought a 100 lb bag of actual sandblasting sand. It's very fine. When I got it home, however, I dropped it accidentally and spilled it all over the driveway. I spent 30 minutes cleaning out my shop-vac so I could suck it up. I then stored it in there until this morning. This morning I emptied the 50 lbs of PlaySand from the blaster and put it in a bag. I then loaded the blaster with the blasting sand. This worked for about 45 minutes. It was killer while it lasted, but, as to be expected from this cheapo thing, it blew its hose again. I then went to Lowes to buy new hose clamps, reinstalled the hose and then never could get good pressure again. I finally gave up. If someone wants to buy it, let me know.

Here's another shot of the beefed up edge of the bumper.

And this is a shot of the lengthened and strengthened mounting lip. You can refer to a previous project where we lengthened the lip on the flare. This will make a nice wide mounting flange to help spread the load. We'll also make a pair of steel bookends that we can use to clamp the upper and lower lips together. I think we may even do a couple of captive nuts to make things easy on us.
We then pulled the car out and cleaned up. It was still early so we decided to prime the doors.

We mixed too much paint, so we decided to prime the top of the car.

Officially, we've reached the Peter Egan state of Automotive Restoration Nirvana.

Tomorrow or next week we'll put the flares on.


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