Sunday, September 17, 2006

Project 14 - Strip back half and top, more prep and disassembly

Long weekend this week. We started Saturday morning with taping the car up.

While I was stripping, Chris was adding extensions to the inner fender flare lips. The lips on the inside of the GT-Racing Flares are too short to be of any use. By lengthening them we can use them to make a firm connection to the front bumper. All the flares and bumpers will need either to be extended or reinforced.

These additions look a little rough, but they'll be smoothed out by the time they're installed.

Here are the results of the stripping.

Here's how I convinced the rear window to come out. You just keep moving the last screwdriver up until you're at the front of the window and then step outside, grab the window and pull.
We rolled the front lip a little. We might roll a little more.

That's it for now. This week I'll need to continue to DA down to the edges. Next weekend, we'll continue to prep. Sometime either during the week or next weekend we'll manage to get the rest of it primed. I bought some new paint guns and I want to see how they do.

On another note, I lost all of last weekend becuase the Miata blew a head gasket. I had to pull it, get it machined back flat (it was .010" out) and put it back on.

I lost part of this weekend because the new compressor I bought decided to go towards the light. That cost a good three or four hours. Chris and I can deadlift it up and down onto a pickup truck bed in 5 minutes, but it takes Home Depot two hours to find a fork lift and a fork lift driver and then take it off your truck (Jim's truck - thanks Jim). Then, since, they can't wait, it takes another hour for them to find a different fork lift and a different fork lift driver to put the new one back on the truck. Sheesh. This time I bought the extended warranty. It says guaranteed 100% duty cycle, so I'm going to test it out.

That's it.


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