Monday, September 04, 2006

Project 13 - Priming Front Clip

Today, I got up really early, went to Starbucks, and cranked up the new compressor at 8am (don't want to violate those neighborhood noise ordnances).

It took a little over 3 hours to DA it down to shiny metal.

We then went to a movie. We saw Barnyard. What's up with the male cow's? I guess that production company grew up in the city.

After that, about 4pm or so, Chris (the guy in the next picture) came over and we taped the car off. Chris, incidentally, is the brains behind this here operation. He owned his own body shop for five years - now he's in finance and, I guess, misses working on cars. Either that or he's a glutton for punishment because he keeps coming over and working on the car. Good thing, too.

Here's the car taped off.

Next we sprayed it with metal etching primer. This is a step that most body and restoration shops skip. It isn't visible in the final product (meaning it won't make it look any better) but it will yield a higher quality more durable finish. The metal etch binds up surface level gunk that's left behind after sanding and cleaning. Technically, metal starts to oxidize (rust) the second you're done sanding it. You can't see it, but that's what's happening at a microscopic level. The metal etch locks that stuff up so it can do no harm.

It burns my nose when I breath it - wear NIOSH approved vapor masks and ventilate the daylights out of your work room. I had a light breeze through the shop.

It's actually dark green in color and kind of translucent. The front clip took a quart of the stuff and you can still sort of see through it. It was $28 including the catalyst.


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