Sunday, September 03, 2006

Project 12 - Stripping

OK. Step 1 Tape it up.

Other side
Step 2: Apply stripper, then wait.

It looks like the plants in War of the Worlds.

Step 3: Scrape paint into a box (it melts plastic).

Step 4: Pressure wash what's left.

Step 5: Go buy a biga$$ compressor so your friggin' DA Sander works like it's supposed to (that, by the way, will take all day and involve 14 trips to two Home Depots). I'm the one standing behind the compressor. The guy in front is Jim - I never would have gotten the compressor installed without him.

Here it's partially DA'd. It was too hot and I was too tired to continue after deadlifting the compressor off the truck then wrestling it into position.


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