Saturday, August 19, 2006

Project 8 - Remove the Front Bumper

Removing the front bumper is pretty straightforward. You just take out all the bolts you see and it drops on the floor!

Remove the lights, remove the front rub strip.

The manual says that next you remove the accordians using the bolts the arrows are pointing to. Good luck with that. There's no access without removing the oil cooler.

Instead there are four screws that hold the body piece to the upper fender and lower lip. Take these out. It's easy.

Once you've removed the four bolts from the front of the bumper, you slid it forward and set it on top of your legs.

This picture shows the headlight washer connection and the electrical connection to the car.

This is right side view (passenger side). The big pipe is the washer supply line and the smaller one above the bumper shock absorber/mount is the electrical connection to the lights.

Done. Well, not really. Now you have to remove the lower lip and some other stuff.

Specifically, you need to remove the shock absorbers. But first! There no access to the rear bolts on the shocks. On the driver side you need to remove the windshield washer assembly. On the passenger side assembly you need to remove the horn. I also disconnected both parts from the wiring harness. The wiring harness goes with the washer tank and horn disconnects from the harness so it had to be pulled back into the trunk.

Here's the washer tank assembly. Note that it has overspray on it from an earlier respray that I had NOTHING to do with. Overspray on soft parts is a cardinal sin!

This is picture looking straight up at the rear of the headlight bucket on the driver side. The front of the car is on the left.

There's a black abs plastic reservoir on the right. It fits up behind the bucket. Dunno what it does but it connects the fuel door with a couple of hoses. I'll figure out what it does later. I'm too tired right now.

The black hoses are the a/c hoses that go to the front condenser core.

If you look really hard, you can also make out the wiring harness as it enters the headlight bucket.

Correlate this to the previous image. The mount for the shock is clearly visible in both. You can also see the overspray on the a/c hoses and on the grommet around the entrance hole for a/c booster fan thingamabob.

This is the other side. Not much additional detail. The bracket hanging down is the mount for the previous lower lip. I think we reuse it, so I left it.

What a difference a day makes!

Four hours start to finish including a Starbucks run and cleanup.


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