Sunday, August 13, 2006

Project 7 - Installing a Tea Tray

OK. It's been awhile. I've avoided working on the car during the hottest part of summer. It's just too freakin' hot.

So now it's time to add the rear wing. I ordered the number 16 rear wing from GT-Racing. It took a couple of weeks to get here, then I took a couple of weeks to get around to installing it. Once we fitted it up, we realized it was a gigantic piece of crap. Take a look at the pictures.

So this first picture shows the lines at the top. Notice it's pretty wavy. This could be dealt with in final prep, but take a look at the next one.

Look at how it curls up at the bottom. This is with the top positioned as in the picture above.

We expected a little waviness. It's fiberglass. It'll never be delivered perfect, but, sheez, this is ridiculous.

So, Monday morning, I call Hank at GT-Racing and tell him about it, he says send it back.

It took Hank a couple of weeks. Really about five weeks or so, I think. He called a couple of times to say that he had received some replacements from his supplier but that none of them were any good either. He apologized and I waited. I was extremely patient because it was really hot and I wanted to give him ample opportunity to provide me a quality product. The week after I got back from summer vacation, voila, a new wing was waiting for me.

This one is pretty good. It needs a little work but nothing major or unexpected.

Here you can see the that it lines up well down the side and across the top. As stated a little wavy but not too bad.

Here's the detail at the top corner. Not too bad. I think we'll have to build up the side to even out the line above the wing junction.

I had to put a few washers in there to shim it even.

Once it was test fit, I removed it, then drilled the holes for the factory vent cover. I was not able to use the factory washers due to the slope in the lip on the underside of the wing where the bolts attach.

The factory vent cover has a lip that needs to be removed. This is before.

This is the after picture.

So this is the final picture. I still have to install the interior light and the latch assembly. Once this is done, I'll park it in the front of the house (on blocks?) for a week or two to let the glass shrink up.

I'm also going to call Hank tomorrow and order a few more fiberglass bits. We've decided to do this as a '74 IROC. That means fiberglass flares and front and rear bumpers.

I'll also need 9" and 11" wheels. What the heck. That's what I've always wanted, so I might as well build it.

Here's the target picture.


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