Sunday, August 27, 2006

Project 10 - Sawzall meet Porsche, Porsche meet Sawzall

Ok. This was last weekend. We trimmed a hole for the exhaust in the rear bumper. We did this with a Dremel tool and about 20 cutting wheels.

The rear bumper is held up with a bungee and clipped to the inner lip with a pair of vise grips on either side.

The picture below shows how well the GT-Racing RSR Flares match up to the rear bumper. Yes, these are supposed to work together.

Monday of this week, I called Hank. He just sent me the other flares. He said use whichever I wanted and send the others back. OK.

The rest of the pictures are from today. Total time today was about 4 hours.

The front flares were pretty flawless. They went right on and both sides matched pretty well.

The picture above shows the front bumper supported by a stack of wood on the floor. The inner lip had to be trimmed in front of the trunk.

Now, we get down to business. This is officially the POINT OF NO RETURN. The pictures speak for themselves. The tool is a $20 auto body air saw from Harbor Freight. One blade for the front, one for the back.

OK. That was the scary pictures. Below you can see the flares Cleco'd on. It looks simple, but it took quite a bit of measuring and eyeballing to make sure that they were placed correctly.

That's it. Next week, I have a bunch of stuff to buy. Here's the list:

more Cleco's, 80 grit DA paper, new sponge pad for the DA, stripper, 2 part epoxy hi-build primer, metal etching primer, sticks and strainers, flare glue(?), 24" roll of paper, 2in tape, resin and cloth.

I will be removing trim pieces this week; lights, badges, mirrors, windscreen washer nozzles, door handles, and wipers. Window glass stays for now. That's to keep the interior dry during the stripper process.


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