Sunday, June 04, 2006

Project 4 and 5 - Transaxle Oil Change and Cleaning

The previous owner (PO) had taken the car to a dealership. Specifically, East Imports in Grand Rapids. These knobs charged him $143.90 to put Redline Synthetic Gear Oil in the transaxle. For those of you that don't know, the type of synchronizer that Porsche uses in its gearbox requires a little bit of friction to get 'em going. With the Redline in it, there's a lot of balkiness in the 3-2 downshift and the 4-3 downshift. Also, first gear felt pretty much unsynchronized. Now that I've swapped it out, 3-2 is still a little balky but it isn't as bad, the 4-3 is clean and first gear feels synchronized again.

It was really easy to do. First you pull the top plug (make sure you can put more in before you take any out), then pull the bottom plug. Easy peasy.

There was quite a bit of fur on the plug considering that the last oil change was only two months ago. I'm beginning to be able to heel and toe the 911 again. It's been many years since I drove one and I've become spoiled by the pedal placement in my Miata. Once I'm good at heel and toeing again, I won't care so much about the synchronizer situation. It's getting cleaner but I still have a ways to go.

For easier access, I removed the rear wheel. I also bought new jack stands that would go to 24". That's a lot easier to get under.

Here's the setup.

At this point I now have it full. There's little less than a liter left in the bottle. The tranny takes 3 liters so that passes the logic test. Seal it up.

Now, the keen viewer will notice that there's a significant amount of overspray on the suspension components in the picture above. Nice, eh? Nothing like a little attention to detail by your paint shop, huh? Once I repaint the car, I'll clean that up. I might do those new Wevo spring plates at which point, this stuff just goes away.

Project 5. Nasty, nasty Porsche.

OK. Once I got up underneath this thing for the first time, I realized how truly nasty the underside of this thing is. Take a look at the pictures from the a/c drier replacement. That's a huge pile of crap in there. Also look at the images above, really nasty.

Here's more...

Up on the jackstand in the alley.

Before.. Note the general color of the wheel well: black and icky.

After. Much better.

This is me after... I just threw everything I had on in the trash when I was done. Now my shower smells like GoJo.

While I was under there, I noticed some damage by previous garage's attempts at lifting the car.

First, they thought they'd lift it with floor pan. When that bent, they thought they'd try something different.

So then they bent the side sills. No telling where the numbskulls finally tried lifting it.

I think I can bang the floor boards back out with a big hammer and a flat board. As far as the sill boxes are concerned, I may not put them back on after the repaint - the better to effect my '75 RS look. The jury is still out on that one though.

Tune in next week when I attempt a rebuild of the pedal cluster.


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