Sunday, June 04, 2006

Project 2 and 3 - Steering Bushing and Shifter Rebuild

When I first got it, it made terrible banging noises as I drove over bumps. The Steering wheel could also move up and down maybe a quarter of an inch or so. This seemed to be the source of the banging. So... I bought PN: 928-347-739-02-M100 from Pelican Parts. I followed Bob Tindel's instructions ( and voila! no more banging. It feels great. I used an impact wrench to get the bolt off. I torqued it back up to factory spec's holding the steering wheel between my knees. No sweat.

Here's a pic of the car with the steering wheel out and the sleeve installed.

Project 3 was a shifter rebuild. OK. Not really. All I replaced was the sleeve bushing and the cup. I also bought new bushings for the shift coupler, but that's a different project.

This one was super simple. Unbolt all the junk from the floor, remove the five bolts that hold the shifter assembly down, remove the cup, remove the bushing. Pressing in the new bushing was sort of nightmarish and pointed out a severe lack of tools in the pressing and bushing dept. I'll need to rectify that.

I didn't take good pictures because I was flustered. But, we took a PVC end cap and placed it as a backstop on the support bracket. I then took a board and stuck the whole thing in a bench vise. That got it so far but not all the way. I then proceeded to stick lubed deep well sockets through the bushing, increasing the size one at a time, until the thing was all the way through. It worked out pretty well.

Here's the photos.

Weak, I know. I'll do better next time.

I put it all back together, but I didn't put the leather boot back on. I left it with the rubber bootie only. I buffed the shift lever to get off the glue from the leather shifter.

It shifts better but there's still a little slop in it. I think those shift coupler bushings need to be replaced. I'll do that in a bit. I also might replace it with one of the cool helicopter joints from Wevo.

That's it. On to the next project.


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