Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another A/C update

OK. It blows cold. However, the pathetic little blower fan is totally inadequate to keep pace with Texas heat. I drove it to Dallas the other day. On the way there, it kept up fine, but it was earlier in the day and the car had been parked in the garage. On the way back, two days later, the car was heat soaked from the parking lot. The a/c managed to get the inside temp tolerable, but not truly cooled. I think it's a volume-of-air thing. I have ideas. My brother-in-laws, wife's father is a EE that know s motors. Maybe he can help me figure out how to make the thing spin faster. If that won't work, I could always fab up a new box with a bigger fan and motor. Dunno. It'll wait 'till later though.


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